The time has come to move on from PDFs and EPUBs and embrace the OpenWeb and HTML5 for documents and publications.
5DOC.ORG is focused on making this happen.
The goal of this site is to facilitate the process of making HTML5 the lingua franca for documents.

To make this happen, we will focus on 2 aspects:
¶The ability to create HTML5 documents both single files and within containers.
¶The ability to easily read HTML5 documents, including storing, annotating and updating them.

This Q&A explains the goals of 5DOC.ORG and some initial ideas for the organization.

Q: What’s wrong with PDF? It is easy for users to create PDFs and every platform has the ability to open and store PDF documents. Archives are PDF-based. PDFs are ubiquitous.

“Enough is Enough!”
A: PDFs are page-based static documents designed for reading. More and more, we depend on computers and mobile devices to read and interact with dynamic artifacts. Simply put, PDFs don’t do the job required anymore.

Q: What’s wrong with EPUB3? EPUB3 has the backing of industry heavyweights.

A: Right now EPUB3 Reader developers (both hardware and software) are only able to render parts of the EPUB3 spec. Each Reader’s requirements are different and in addition many Readers have forked the specs, introducing proprietary features instead. The situation with EPUB3 is similar to what happened with Bluetooth™ initially when telecom players utilised only a subset of its profiles.

Q: What’s right with HTML5?

A: HTML5 is the latest generation of an evolving set of technologies that form the basis for the OpenWeb platform whose core objective is publishing content using open standards.
The Open Web opposes private, exclusive, proprietary Web solutions.
Simply put, the open web is universal global communication. Now!

Q: So what’s the plan?

A: At first let’s get the ball rolling

Develop Best Practices for Offline Docs for the use of HTML5 and its related technologies.
Important: best practices are not meant to be standards. HTML5 standards already exist and are regularly updated.
Develop the 5DOC Forums as a vehicle to build a community of developers and users.